Techknowledgy, Inc


Founding Date: January 5, 2005


Founder: Pete Matassa, President


Corporate Description:

Techknowledgy, Inc. was created in 2005 to provide Project Management training and consulting services to established Training Organizations, as well as, directly to organizations wishing to improve their project management professionalism and outcomes. We strive to provide value to our clients by providing world class project management training and consulting at an affordable price. Our values are: 1) Provide training and consulting services that meet or exceed PMI standards, 2) Provide training and consulting services that add value to our clients business operations, and 3) Provide training and consulting services at a price that allows our clients to receive an adequate return on their investment, while making an acceptable profit for Techknowledgy, Inc. If all three values cannot be met, we 'walk away' from the potential business.



Contact Information:


Techknowledgy, Inc

9710 Gallagher Rd,

Dover, FL



P: 813.690.6299



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